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AFROTC Detachment 695 - Fall 2020

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University of Portland Detachment 695 Cadre - Fall 2020


To our Detachment 695 Alumni,

Together with the UP Office of Alumni Relations, the Air Force ROTC program plans to send periodic updates to alumni of Det 695, create a network of current and former officers to help mentor and guide current cadets, and extend a sense of family connection for graduating second lieutenants as they report to their first duty station. 

Please fill out a short survey to tell us a little bit about your life after leaving The Bluff and if you have any interest in serving as a resource for one of our current cadets. This survey should only take 2—3 minutes of your time, but can leave a lasting impression on our future officers.


Scott Grainger

Robert S. Grainger, P.E., Colonel, USAF
Professor of Aerospace Studies, University of Portland
Commander, AFROTC Detachment 695
UP Class of 1994