Collin Haahr '17

Intern at The Bus Project

Collin Haahr“As an intern at The Bus Project, my responsibilities include going throughout the city and registering voters in Portland as well as working with the ACLU of Oregon to raise awareness for upcoming elections in surrounding counties. I’ve found it both rewarding and challenging working at The Bus Project. It is a lot day-to-day work, but it’s all worthwhile knowing that I have made an impact. After the presidential election, I knew I wanted to start a career in politics. I had met with a fellow UP grad and she gave me information about local political organizations in Oregon. Thankfully, The Bus Project was one of those on the list and I immediately applied to be an intern.

Internships are so important because it allows you to be an active participant in a job. This internship has also taught me to not be scared of trying different opportunities, regardless of my work or education background. Before entering politics, my previous jobs included working events and athletics. The work ethic and knowledge I had gained from my previous jobs allowed me to transition into my internship seamlessly. In the future, I hope to continue progressing within the political scene in Oregon, and possibly one day, being a member of the U.S. Senate representing my home state.”