Larissa Yee ’21

Social Marketing, Public Relations, and Events Intern at Astrid & Miyu

Larissa Yee“I worked on many projects during my internship, including social and digital marketing, public relations, and events. My favorite project was working on the set of a photo shoot where I was able to help bring ideas to life with outfits, scenery, and jewelry. My key takeaway from this project is that you can take any vision you have and turn it into aesthetically pleasing promotional work. 

"My favorite part of working abroad in London was meeting new people and being able to experience a different culture in a big city. In my program there were students from different universities and who had different majors and experiences. Being able to make these new friendships and experience life changing things together is what really made studying abroad worth it. 

"I highly recommend an International Education of Students internship for any UP student. The program is catered to your interest, major, and preferred location. Having the opportunity to work abroad is such an enriching experience. This program provides so many opportunities to grow as a person and develop your career pathway.”