Logan Alindogan '20

Landscape and Forestry Intern at Portland General Electric

Major: Civil EngineeringLogan Alindogan

"I worked on transferring all of the department’s tree trimming maps for Sauvie Island onto an internal database for our tree trimming crews. This entailed learning how to use the database, accurately inputting the information, and teaching the tree trimming crews how to use the database. This project allowed more accurate and precise display of information for the tree crews and the PGE foresters as well as allow for a more streamlined communication process between the two parties.

During my internship, my time was split about 85% to 15% between field work and desk work. After a time, I realized that I would much rather be in the office working on projects than working out in the field. This understanding will help me moving forward in looking for a job that aligns more with my interests and work lifestyle.

A big takeaway for me is the realization that although you may be hired onto a company for a specific job or task, you are not limited to that alone. Most good companies will present the opportunity to move and grow within the company and to learn about the different facets and jobs that are done throughout the company."