Morgan Glaub ’21

Marketing and Communication Internship at Oregon Shines

Major: Organizational Communication

Morgan Glaub"Working for Oregon Shines as a marketing and communications intern has taught me what it takes to start a career in a corporate setting. I have learned the importance of communication in a small team and what it means to be successful through collaboration. Throughout the last few months of interning for the company, I have learned to listen to those in the company to understand the overall brand. Taking backend operations and turning them into easy to understand and access consumer facing marketing materials has been a key component of my internship. Solar energy can be complex, especially the community solar program as it is a part of new legislation in Oregon. Many Oregonians are unaware of the program and its benefits, placing an important role on the marketing strategy of the company. We have to educate and introduce the community to the program as well as highlight the benefits of switching to community solar. 

When I started at University of Portland, I chose to major in environmental science with the hopes of eventually becoming an environmental lawyer. Soon after attending I realized I wanted to work in a more creatively focused field, such as marketing. I saw this internship posted on Handshake and knew it encompassed my current passion of marketing/creating content as well as my prior interest in environmentalism and sustainability. It seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Without my internship I would feel much less prepared to enter into my career field- period. So many companies are looking for experience, but often times it can be hard to have experience while still in college. Internships have been the perfect blend of experience for me. Not only have they given me experience, but I have also made a range of connections outside of the University in my career field. It has been a great tool for building a resume, portfolio, and a network of individuals in my field."