Guidelines for Summer Faculty-Led Study Abroad | University of Portland

Guidelines for Summer Faculty-Led Study Abroad


These guidelines are based on the UP Faculty-Led Study Abroad Handbook and the following documents from the Forum on Education Abroad: "Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad." 

The following guidelines are for overseas faculty-led courses taught during UP Summer Session I or II (University calendar). 

The types of courses reviewed through this process include: 

  • Courses taught as part of a summer study abroad program for credit* 

Annual deadlines for proposing summer overseas courses: 

  • Salzburg Session I, Quito, PSOB proposals – August 31, 2023 (for summer 2024) 
  • New Programs- December 1, 2022 (for summer 2024). (approx. 18 months in advance) 

All proposals will be submitted electronically to the Study Abroad Office/CISGO on or before the deadlines and include:

  1. A Proposal Form
  2. A Draft Syllabus
  3. A Draft Itinerary
  4. Submission of a Department Approval Form NOTE: Written approval from the Department Chair/Associate Dean is required prior to beginning the review process.  

 * Please contact the Study Abroad Office and/or Student Activities to discuss any student experience abroad with faculty which is not for credit. 

Submit a Summer Overseas Faculty-Led Course Proposal HERE