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Accessible Technology

The University is committed to taking reasonable measures to support the accessibility of its digital resources, such as digital hardware, software, and systems for use by students, employees, other members of the University community, the public, and visitors.

The Office of Information Services works in conjunction with Accessible Education Services to provide technology solutions for students and guests with disabilities, and with Human Resources to provide technology solutions for employees with disabilities. University offices conducting core academic and business activities are strongly encouraged to align web content with the guidelines set by Office of Information Services.

Please reference the University "Policy on Disability and Accessibility"


Assistive Technology

The University of Portland owns a site license for the literacy support software Read and Write Gold. Both Mac and PC versions are available.

You can download a copy of Read and Write Gold; which is reading, writing and research assistance software;  on your personal computer. 

To report an issue or problem with University technology, including digital hardware, software, and systems for use by students, employees and/or the general public, submit a help ticket via the Tech Support Portal.