Cybersecurity at UP | University of Portland

Cybersecurity at UP

Reporting Security Incidents

If you suspect an email is a scam of phishing attempt, don't click on any links or open any attachments.  Forward the message to and our team will investigate.  You can also report any suspicious phone calls, text messages, etc. to - by being careful and thoughtful you can help protect UP's data and processes.

If you suspect your computer might have malware or you have other questions about your account or security, please contact the Help Desk at for assistance (503.943.7000).

Please report stolen equipment on the UP campus, or online bullying or threats, to Campus Safety (503.943.7161).

Our Security is a Shared Responsibility

Attackers look for the weakest aspect of an institution's security and try to find a way to turn it into a vulnerability.  With your help, we can keep UP safe and our systems up and running.

Information Security Training

Regulatory bodies now require staff and faculty who have access to protected information and systems must receive annual training on information security practices.  These training modules are designed to be short and informative, and we designed them to respect your existing knowledge.  Please visit your courses list on Moodle and make sure to complete training.

Multi-Factor Authentication

All faculty and staff will be required, starting in the Summer of 2023, to set up Multi-Factor Authentication on their accounts.  This added layer of security is one of the most effective tools we have to protect UP data and is also becoming a standard required by regulatory bodies.  Setup is quick and easy, and there are options for those who don't have a mobile phone they can use for the MFA process.  Find out more and get your account set up today.

Protect your Computer

Anti-virus software is available for UP community members via the Software Download Center.


Our Information Services Policies page includes several policies directly related to information security.