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Classrooms and Labs

Computer Classrooms

There are eight computer classrooms on campus with computers for students and an instructor’s computer connected to a video projector. These rooms also have DVD players, CD players and some have VCRs. The computer classrooms are Franz 107, Franz 125, Buckley Center 15, Buckley Center 211, Shiley Hall 206, Shiley Hall 249, Romanaggi Hall 201, and Romanaggi Hall 206.

Mobile Laptop Cart

Media services can schedule a mobile PC laptop cart for delivery to classrooms across campus. The lab consists of 32 laptops with the necessary academic software installed. Semester-long standing orders should be made a week before the semester begins, while one-time orders should be made at least 48 hours in advance. All requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The lab is available for classroom usage only, and only the entire lab can be reserved for usage. Instructors using the lab are responsible for the equipment while in their possession. Contact Media Services to reserve the cart (

Smart Rooms with Desk, Podium, or Articulating Arm

Most buildings on campus have smart classrooms. There are two styles of smart classrooms: one style with a desk or podium, and one with a computer on an articulating arm. Both contain built-in audiovisual technology to provide the utmost in interactive education. Each smart classroom with a desk or podium contains a computer, network and Internet access, VCR/DVD player, CD player, video projector, screen, and overhead projector with sound system. Each articulating arm classroom has a computer with network and Internet access, DVD/VCR, screen, overhead projector, sound system, and video projector. Most rooms also have a document camera. These rooms can be used for instructor lectures and student presentations. 

Lecture Halls

There are five lecture halls on campus. These rooms have all the equipment of a smart room, plus the ability to use both wireless microphones and audio to record the event. These spaces are located in Buckley Center Auditorium, Chiles Center Hall of Fame Room, Franz Hall 120, Shiley Hall 301, and Shiley Hall 319. 

Smart Carts

By request, non-mediated classrooms can also be equipped with an interactive smart cart on a first come, first served basis. There are seven smart carts that each contain a PC laptop, VCR/DVD player, video projector, and sound system and one smart cart with a MAC laptop. 

Computer Labs

There are two open computer labs on campus, located in the Clark Library and Shiley Hall room 208. The labs have faculty-requested courseware installed and some labs also contain special purpose software. Each lab contains PCs or Macintosh computers or, in some cases, a mix of these assets. Printers are installed in each location. Information services employs student workers as laboratory assistants, who are responsible for laboratory operations including answering questions, cleaning computers, filling printers with paper and toner, and reporting broken or missing equipment.