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Classroom Technology

Single Projection Classrooms

Most campus classrooms feature audiovisual technology to support an interactive teaching and learning experience.  The standard classroom includes an instructor's podium, speaker system, digital projector, projection screen, computer, document camera, Blu-ray player, and wireless microphone connected to the computer for lecture capture.

Dual Projection Classrooms

All classrooms in Dundon-Berchtold Hall, several classrooms in Shiley Hall, and one classroom in Buckley Center include two digital projectors and two projection screens.  In these classrooms, the instructor can choose to display the same source through both projectors or a different source through each projector.  These dual projection classrooms also feature all of the same equipment found in standard single projection classrooms.

Lecture Capture

Instructors can opt to record the audio from their lectures along with the image from the podium computer and then share these recordings with their students in Moodle.  For assistance using the wireless microphones, please contact AV Services (  For training on effective uses of lecture capture and ideas of how to use it in your instruction, please contact Academic Technology Services & Innovation (

Computer Classrooms

There are eight computer classrooms on campus where students can sit at a workstation and utilize a desktop computer: FH 107, FH 125, BC 015, BC 211, SHI 206, SHI 249, ROM 201, and ROM 206.

Mobile Laptop Lab

Instructors who need to ensure all their students have access to computers may request delivery of the mobile laptop lab.  The laptop lab is a cart with 32 PC laptops.  It is available for classroom use only and all 32 laptops in the lab must be reserved as one unit.  Instructors are responsible for the laptops while the lab is in their possession.  Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis.  To reserve the mobile laptop lab, please contact AV Services (

Smart Carts

Instructors teaching in spaces without audiovisual technology may request delivery of a smart cart and projection screen.  Each smart cart includes a digital projector, speaker, laptop, and DVD player.  Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis.  To reserve a smart cart, please contact AV Services (