The University of Portland offers Microsoft Office applications, including the Teams App, Anti-virus software, and Read and Write Gold to all students, staff and faculty.

This software can be downloaded through our Software Download Center accessible via our Tech Support Portal and is available for both PC and Mac. 

If you are a Faculty member and wish to purchase software to be installed in labs or classrooms, please follow the steps outlined below: 
  1. Decide which software package you want.
  2. Contact the Help Desk to determine if the University already owns this software.

Please note: All Lab/Classroom installs are subject to the bi-yearly “Call for Software” timeline. Meaning that Software requests of this type are requested twice yearly only, during Spring and Fall terms. A campus announcement is posted to this effect.

If you need software for your office computer, please call the help desk at extension x7000.

All software purchases must be made in coordination with Information Services per the IS Technology Purchasing Policy. Funding of new software often is the responsibility of the department making the request and as such must have funding and approval from the department budget manager. Information Services works in conjunction with the Accessible Education Services to provide technology solutions for students with accommodations. University of Portland provides on-campus computers with assistive technology software. For more information, see the Assistive Technology page.