University of Portland provides network file shares and cloud storage for campus users.  Local hard drives on mobile, laptop or desktop devices should never be used to store content critical to your work at University of Portland. All staff and faculty should use their personal network share (P Drive) or department network shares (U Drive) for such content. Networked storage is backed up and retained as outlined in the University of Portland Backup Policy.

Network File Shares

Information services provides a 175 terabyte storage area network. This highly available storage area network enables information services to distribute and protect critical data to support increasing application requirements without system downtime. Each faculty or staff member has departmental data storage on the “U” drive and an additional four gigabytes of personal data storage on the “P” drive. Each student receives two gigabytes of personal data storage on the “P” drive. Files can be accessed off-campus via the FileUP web application found at 

Office365 OneDrive Personal Cloud Storage

Office365 OneDrive provides an additional 1 Terabyte of cloud storage for each campus user. Files stored in OneDrive can be shared with other University of Portland Office365 users. In addition, Office365 Teams can be used to store files for campus groups or project teams. A Team site offers up to 25 Terabytes of additional storage. Visit to access OneDrive and Teams.

Teams Shared Cloud Storage

Microsoft Teams provides shared cloud file storage for all team members to utilize. Each Team has up to 25TB of storage available. Users can create file folders as needed to store important files that members need to access and edit. Files can be easily viewed, edited, moved, copied and shared from the Teams App. Each team in Microsoft Teams has a team site in SharePoint Online, and each channel in a team gets a folder within the default team site document library. Files shared within a conversation are automatically added to the document library. To access Teams visit


Dropbox is available for staff and faculty that have a business or academic need to share content outside of the University of Portland. Dropbox accounts can be requested via the Service Catalog on the Tech Support Portal and require departmental approval and justification. Only University of Portland administered Dropbox accounts (NOT personal Dropbox accounts) should be used to store or share University related data, files, and content. Visit to access Dropbox.