Award Winners for 2023-2024 | University of Portland

Award Winners for 2023-2024

Each student, staff and faculty member featured here exemplifies leadership and has significantly contributed towards the University's mission of teaching and learning, faith and formation, and service and leadership.  

Congratulations to all of the award winners!


Associated Students of the University of Portland (ASUP) Award Recipients

  • Event of the Year – Black Excellence Night (Black Student Union)
  • Club of the Year – Filipino American Student Association (FASA)
  • Club Advisor of the Year –  Ashley Hass (Pamplin School of Business)
  • Campus Program Board (CPB) Member of the Year – May-J Bui
  • Senator of the Year – Olivia Herning
  • Faculty Member of the Year – Mark Pitzer (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Staff Member of the Year – Tshombé Brown (Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
  • Student Leader of the Year – Ronit Chopra


Division of Student Affairs Award Recipients

The Outstanding Contributor to Core Themes Award

Br. Pablo Quan Lopez, C.S.C.

Br. Pablo Quan Lopez, C.S.C. | Program Manager, Service & Justice

When Br. Pablo arrived on the Bluff, we were still in the grips of and still operating with the restrictions of the COVID‐19 pandemic. As students returned to campus and took up residence, they found his gentle and reassuring presence marked by both charity and faith. As director of Christie Hall, colleagues in Residence Life and throughout Student Affairs got to know his humor and resilience underlying his quiet demeanor. Upon joining the Moreau Center as Program Manager for Service and Justice, he brought his understanding of Catholic social teaching to help the formation of student leaders as Service and Justice Coordinators as well as other student leadership roles. Br. Pablo embodies the vision of Fr. Moreau of the importance of education that engages the hands and forms the heart as much as the mind.

The Newcomer in Student Affairs Award

Taeya Hillman‐Johnson

Taeya Hillman‐Johnson | Assistant Director, Kenna Hall

Taeya is well known for her positive energy and welcoming spirit on campus. She has a natural ability to make all feel welcome and comfortable, always looks for ways to include every student. Taeya has served as a dedicated staff member in the Student Affairs standing committees, for social planning and the awards planning. She is always willing to lead event planning and hosting, while continuing to provide caring support and guidance for our students. Her constant commitment and supportive presence at varied campus activities and programs, her sincere dedication to the Residence Life department and campus partners, have created learning bridges and increased opportunities for our UP community.

The Rev. John Van Wolvlear C.S.C. Award For Outstanding Involvement in Student Affairs

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson | Major: Computer Science

Ian's active involvement in Campus Ministry (singing with the Mass choir every Sunday morning, playing music for hall Mass and leading worship groups), he is intentional in his own faith journey and open to those with different faith or religious backgrounds.  Outside of hall activities and events, Ian has generated meaningful connections in and outside of the classrooms, has supported many campus programs on and off‐campus, and serves as the president of UP’s Swing Dance Club. He is dedicated, has a heart full of love and service; and believes and promotes the Holy Cross values of forming minds and hearts with joy and hope.

The Student Affairs Award for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion

August Stone

August Stone | Major: Envir Ethics & Policy

From Service and Justice Coordinator to Summer Events Assistant to Tour Guide and Student Ambassador, they have made their inspiring, indelible mark on our beloved community.  August always looked for ways to grow (their) experience and be involved in making the world a better place. From leading GSP and focusing on intersectionality and collaboration with other clubs, being a part of the Gender Inclusive Housing Committee, to coordinating meaningful events like the Drag Show and Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil, August put in the work to make community happen.

The Br. Fulgence Dougherty C.S.C. Award

Sokvy Vin

Sokvy Vin | Major: Finance

Sokvy came to UP as a She‐Can Scholar in fall semester of 2021. Over the past year participation and leadership in the International Club and international office have benefited faculty, staff, and students greatly. As an officer of the International Club and in leadership role as the international student Campus Connector, Sokvy faced many challenges this year. With great empathy, understanding, patience, and resourcefulness, she accomplished great programming to meet our students needs.

The Outstanding Community Assistant Award

Maegan Rosario

Maegan Rosario | Major: Nursing

Meagan demonstrated commitment to help foster a positive and supportive environment for our hall. She is an empathic listener and helped residents feel comfortable as they come and chat with her. She partnered with RAs/hall staff and connected residents to resources on campus. She is a leader amongst the CAs on our team asking and offering support where needed. She brought awesome and creative ideas of ways to help build community and is flawless at executing. Meagan is "the very best of the CA role!"

The Outstanding Hall Council Executive Award

Olivia VanDaele

Olivia VanDaele | Major: Elementary Education

Olivia spearheaded the movement to bring back Hall Council. Since then, she has been instrumental in movements to bring back hall traditions, while creating new ones. She prepared slideshows for each hall meeting, and engaged each member of the Council to help provide them with leadership and development opportunities. Serving as President of the Fields Hall Council, Olivia means so much to their hall community.

The Holy Cross Award for Residential Mission

Amanda Newman

Amanda Newman | Major: Psychology

Amanda has served in the Office of Residence Life for three years and distinguished for her professionalism, cheerfulness, dedication, and initiative. She always brought a cheerful and upbeat attitude to the office, both to fellow employees as well as students and parents. Amanda advocated for students when she saw a gap in our process and enticed all of us on our team to do our best for our students and their families.

The Residence Life Pilot Award

Quin Cottrill

Quin Cottrill | Major: Operations & Technology Mgmt

Quin is a reliable and solid RA, knows his residents, and is a dedicated leader in Residence Life. He cares deeply for his residents, a trusted RA on duty to respond well in the toughest of situations. A leader on the Resident Assistant Advisory Committee, Quin engages at all meetings, brings fresh insights, and advocates for his peers. He is a strong agent of the Office of Residence Life and does a great job in representing us, our halls, and our programming events.

Director’s Award for Meritorious Service within Residence Life

Abigail Widjanarko

Abigail Widjanarko | Major: Nursing

Abby is a dedicated RA who maintains a cheerful energy with grace and smiles even at tough situations. She has led the Resident Assistant Advisory Committee, with countless hours to the formation and well‐being of the residents in her community. She consistently and joyfully shows up to our hall events. Abby knows her residents so well, that they feel very comfortable coming to her for support, questions, and to celebrate successes.

The Rev. John B. Delaunay, C.S.C. Wellness and Advocacy Award

Brooke Welter

Brooke Welter | Major: Social Work

Brooke has been a voice and advocate on the Bluff for all four years of her academic journey, as an ongoing collaborator with interpersonal violence and survivor support initiatives on campus. She served in varied SASA's leadership roles, and her advocacy efforts for increased services to survivors of sexual assault have been a major contribution to IPV programming and confidential advocacy services on campus. Brooke is an advocate for the lifelong process of engaging in self‐care and finding joy in life for survivors of sexual assault.

The Community Care Award

Carina Barone

Carina Barone | Major: Nursing

Carina is well regarded by their residents and peers as an individual with deep compassion and a strong sense of responsibility for those around her. She was instrumental in supporting Campus Safety’s investigation work, which led to providing safety and security for her residential community and the UP community at large.

The Brian Doyle Student Media Award

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds | Major: Environmental Science

Ryan has served in numerous roles for the campus community - taking photographs for the Beacon and the Log, served as CPB's Marketing and Communications, and many other campus projects (includes the leadership awards event). His fun and outgoing demeanor, his unmatched willingness to contribute, his excellent eye for photography and visual design, and his efforts to rethink how stories can be told - Ryan is always on point, capturing memories of human connection for the campus.

The Rev. Fred Barr C.S.C. Campus Ministry Leadership Award

Brianna Freitas

Brianna Freitas | Major: Organizational Communication

Brianna offered her incredible talents with logistics for a Spes Unica retreat - while seeked meaningful connections with the quiet retreatants, she made them feel seen and valued. She has a quiet presence that invites others to feel at ease around her, and also has an infectious joy that draws people in. Brianna's work reminds us all of the power of presence and how you don’t have to be in front of everyone to be a capable and willing leader.

The Kate Johnson Outstanding Service Award

Hailey May

Hailey May | Major: Psychology

Hailey demonstrated a great dedication to varied Moreau Center programming such as the Service and Justice Coordinator program, and Plunge Into Your Neighborhood. Her passion has been to engage with and support the houseless community in Portland, organizing events in collaboration with community partners like Night Strike and PDX Saints Love, as well as connection with the L’Arche community. Hailey has been a long‐standing partner with Moreau Center students.

College of Arts and Sciences | The Kay Toran Award

Jesper Machi

Jesper Machi | Major: Environmental Science

As a Service and Justice Coordinator, Jesper orchestrated monthly service opportunities for the houseless community and environmental conservation efforts; and advocated for gender inclusivity and hosting intersectional brunches with the Gender and Sexuality Partnership. Jesper's commitment to amplifying marginalized voices, whether through organizing vigils for National Coming Out Day and Transgender Day of Remembrance or pushing for dialogue with campus administrators, reflects a deep‐rooted passion for social justice.