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Student Affairs Leadership Awards Banquet

The Division of Students Affairs, in partnership with the Associated Students of the University of Portland (ASUP) hosts an annual Leadership Awards Banquet honoring the students and staff who have exemplified leadership and significantly contributed towards the University's mission of teaching and learning, faith and formation, and service and leadership.

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Division of Student Affairs Highest Awards

The Rev. John Van Wolvlear C.S.C. Award For Outstanding Involvement in Student AffairsSenior student: This award is presented to a student who exemplifies Father Van’s cheerful and relentless exuberance, energy, and utter devotion to serving the community on and off campus. No priest in University history ever loved, talked to, listened to, laughed with, heard confession from, consoled, and wept with as many students as Father Van; and his award every year goes to a student who has also devoted countless hours to the education, edification, and entertainment of the University’s students. On all your roads and days our prayers for all the blessings and grace of the Lord.

The Newcomer in Student Affairs Award - Staff member with 1-3 years of service: Student Affairs annually recognizes one new staff member who has served in the division three years or less. This award honors someone who has excelled in promoting the work of one’s department, and created bridges of learning and increased opportunities for students, professional staff, and/or faculty. 

The Outstanding Contributor to Core Themes AwardStaff member with 4+ years of service: Student Affairs annually recognizes one staff member who has been serving in the division for four years or more and has significantly impacted one or more of our University’s Core Themes of Teaching and Learning, Faith and Formation, and Service and Leadership. The honored staff member is a leader among one’s colleagues and exemplifies the very best of a student affairs professional. 

Student Development Awards

The Outstanding Ambassador Award - This award recognizes a member of an Ambassador Leadership Program whose performance exemplifies a commitment and a dedication to the service of others during the current academic year.

The Director's Award for Meritorious Service - This award recognizes a resident assistant who has demonstrated meritorious service to the Department of Residence Life over a period of more than one year.

The Outstanding Community Assistant Award - This award recognizes a student who works as a Community Assistant and exemplifies in their role an ability to create a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive community in their hall.

The Outstanding Hall Council Executive Award - This award recognizes a student who works as a Hall Council Executive who was exemplary in their role and worked hard to foster connection community in their hall through programs and events.

The Brian Doyle Student Media Award - The Brian Doyle Student Media Award was established in Spring 2018 by the Office of Student Activities (OSA) to keep Brian’s spirit alive within each of UP’s student media organizations, The Beacon, The Log, and KDUP. Brian described himself as "a storycatcher," and he often said stories are holy. He also recognized they come in many forms: words, images, music, etc. As Brian would put it, students should “tell stories that both inform and move their readers…and shoulder the universe forward two inches.” This award is given each year by OSA to the student whose dedication, character, and excellent work within student media exemplify Brian’s approach to his craft and love for the UP community. 

The Kate Johnson Outstanding Service Award - This award is presented to a University student whose life and work on The Bluff, and record of outstanding voluntary service, encapsulate and celebrate the spirit of the late Catherine Johnson, of the Class of 2002. Tireless in her cheerful work for others, wonderfully alert to music as prayer and paean, a graceful and talented teacher, a woman of penetrating mind and powerful faith, Kate was the essence of the University of Portland as its very best: bright, passionate, energetic, brave, and aware every minute of how her own capacious talents might be turned to better the lives of others. Ever she will be missed at the University she so graced; but ever her verve and active prayer will be among us, inextinguishable, a perpetual flame.   

The Student Affairs Award for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion - Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Each year the Division of Student Affairs and its benefactors honor a student whose individual commitment to diversity and inclusion has fostered a welcoming environment, sensitive to positionally and privilege, helping to ensure all feel welcomed at the University of Portland. The Student Affairs Award for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion recognizes one individual whose collaboration with faculty, staff and peers in the past academic year has intentionally supported our vibrant campus community.

Student Services Awards

The Rev. Fred Barr C.S.C. Campus Ministry Leadership Award - This award is given to a student who evinces the University’s devotion to Christ as a compass point and prism for a life of creative and diligent grace and generosity – in short, an individual who is graced with the spirit of the late and beloved Father Fred. This is the essence of who we wish to see on the Bluff – relentlessly honest and selfless, bent on healing what is and creating what will be, alert to how the shaping and wielding of ones gifts can be of direct and powerful service to our brothers and sisters. On this remarkable soul, the University asks the light and love of the Lord, and His boundless grace forever.

The Community Care Award - This award is presented by the Department of Campus Safety when it is determined that a student has demonstrated compassionate, empathetic, and caring leadership in addressing a situation which compromised the safety or security of the University of Portland community or any of its members.

The Fr. John B. Delaunay, C.S.C. Wellness and Advocacy Award - Fr. Delauney founded the Department of Psychology at UP and created with the faculty and students pioneering programs in clinical psychology and community counseling services. Originally housed on campus, the community services program evolved into an independent organization: The Delauney Mental Health Center. In the spirit and legacy of Father Delauney who contributed to the care of the UP community, this award is presented to a student who has rendered creative and exceptional service and advocated for innovative programming to support the health and wellness of their peers.   

Associated Students of the University of Portland Awards

  • Club of the Year 
  • CPB Member of the Year
  • Club Advisor of the Year 
  • Event of the Year
  • Faculty Member of the Year
  • Staff of the Year
  • Senator of the Year
  • Student Leader of the Year

Previous winners of the Rev. John Van Wolvlear C.S.C. Award 

2024 - Ian Thompson

2023 - Colleen Clapp

2022 - Yeudith Valdovinos

2021 - Sharif Morton

2020 - Diana Salgado Huicochea

2019 - Annie Voegele

2018 - Emily Gallagos

2017 - Joseph Rojo

2016 - Jesse Dunn & Logan Crabtree

2015 - Derek Block

2014 - Kylie Pybus

2013 - Austin Viega

2012 - Theresa Cutter

2011 - Laura Burchett


For visual reference, event dress code -- festive to business casual.