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Title IX Updates

This page highlights the most up to date documentation and data for Title IX matters at University of Portland. Please reach out to titleix@up.edu with questions, concerns or requests for further information.

Title IX Information Session and Q&A (held on September 25, 2023)

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In the 2020 Title IX Update, the Title IX Team shared some of the work they have done in recent years, and the continued work they are engaged in, towards making a UP community and a world that is more just and safe. Among other information, the 2020 Title IX update has data about investigative efforts and related student conduct processes.

Title IX Advisory Committee

Formerly the Title IX Advisory Committee, the name of the committee has changed to the Interpersonal Violence Prevention (IVP) Advisory Committee.

Title IX Advisory Committee - Meeting Minutes




Title IX Education and Outreach Participation Data

Read the Title IX Education and Outreach Participation Report for annual year 2019-2020 to see the most recent data on Title IX programming, training and outreach efforts conducted at University of Portland. To see the data for the previous year, you may review the Title IX Education and Outreach Participation Report for annual year 2018-2019

Articles of Interest

Click here to view selected articles and educate yourself about Title IX, sexual violence and pertinent advocacy efforts. If you have questions, concerns or wish to submit an article of interest, email us at titleix@up.edu

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