What is a Club? | University of Portland

What is a Club?

A club is a group of students with a designated purpose who are not specifically regulated by a department other than Student Activities. Because the management of the club is intended to be a student learning experience, the day to day functions of the club are carried out by student members. All leadership positions in a student club are elected based on the clubs constitution. All recognized clubs must have an advisor. The advisor should be a member of the university community (faculty or staff). The advisor may or may not have an affiliation with the group and is chosen by club members. In addition, all clubs must complete the recognition process (membership list, registration form, constitution, and advisor contact) on Engage in order to be recognized by the institution. Once recognized, clubs have access to the staff, resources, and services of Student Activities including funding from the ASUP Financial Management Board and general coverage provided by institutional insurance. Clubs must register on an annual basis and abide by the policies of Student Activities and Leadership Development in order to maintain these privileges.

Because groups must be coordinated and students informed of opportunities for involvement, and to assist the University in monitoring the activities of student organizations, all student clubs are required to register with the Office of Student Activities and be recognized by the University. While recognition indicates that the University is in general support of a club or organization, it does not imply blanket endorsement or approval of the club or organization's purposes, opinions, or activities.

Specific services and responsibilities of the Office of Student Activities in relation to student-run clubs include:

  • Assisting new clubs in the recognition process
  • Granting University recognition to clubs
  • Registering clubs annually
  • Informing clubs about fund-raising opportunities
  • Sponsoring the annual Activities Fairs to assist clubs in attracting new members
  • Approving and posting notices on campus for club meetings and events
  • Assisting clubs with planning and coordinating all-campus and other large, complex events
  • Providing consultation and training to student leaders and to clubs on leadership, group dynamics, and event planning