ASUP ADvantage

ADvantage services include designing and producing high quality digital flyers as well as hard-copy posters, flyers, and table tents to publicize campus events. ADvantage is coordinated by a student director who reports to the ASUP secretary. The director is assisted by a small and dedicated retinue of student graphic designers. Their offices are located in the ASUP office in St. Mary's Student Center.

If there are any questions please contact the ADvantage director, Remi Ziems, at


Available Packages

Basic Package $15
-Custom Slide
-Colored flyers (58)

Standard Run $20
-A frame
-Custom slide
-Colored flyers (58)

Deluxe $25
-A frame
-Custom slide
-Colored flyers (58)
-Facebook cover photo

A la carte Options

Product Price
Colored Flyers (58) $10
Black and White Flyers (58) $5
A-frame Poster (24"x 36") $5
Small Poster (18"x 24") $3
TV Slide $8
Quick Post (predesigned slide) $3
Facebook Cover Photo $8
Color Table Tents (58) $10
Black and White Table Tents (58) $5
Logo Design Price varies

If you would like to provide your own design, but utilize the ADvantage screens, printers, etc, please attach the image in the online order form. Your design must be a JPG, 848px wide by 480 px high, 720p (72 dpi dots/inch)."

Please contact Remi Ziems at for all ADvantage questions.


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