Student Media

Malika Andrews interviewing Terry Porter

There are three official student media, The Beacon (student newspaper), The Log (student yearbook), and KDUP (student radio). All three media branches help maintain an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion and provide important channels for information to reach the campus community. A student media committee advises the University President on aspects of the media, and student media advisors in the Office of Student Activities supervise and advise the student leaders of each media.

Assistant Director for Student Media
Advisor to
The Beacon
Nancy Copic
Phone: 503.943.8191
Fax: 503.943.7833

Advisor to KDUP
Brian Blair
Phone: 503.943.7284

Advisor to The Log
Becca Nerstad
Phone: 503.943.8459


University of Portland
5000 N. Willamette Blvd.,
Portland, Oregon 97203-5798