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ASUP Senate

Students representing various student constituencies comprise the Student Senate, which is a legislative body of ASUP. Senators representing the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, the schools/CAS, international students, off-campus students, residence halls and adult students are elected in the early fall. When openings occur due to resignations or for other reasons between elections, students representative of the open seat may petition to fill it until the next election for that seat. The Senate votes on the allocation of the student government fee to fund recognized clubs, student government projects and other UP activities that benefit students as well as discusses and works on issues of importance to students. Senators participate in a retreat during Fall semester to prepare for the academic year ahead.

To download copies of the ASUP Constitution and Senate By-Laws, please visit the ASUP Senate community website.

The ASUP Senate meets weekly in public forum, open to the University community, every Monday of the academic year, with the exception of University holidays. Meetings are conducted using Robert's Rules of Order.

Meeting time and location for Fall Semester 2016:
Mondays, 4:30 p.m., Franz Hall 026

There are a total of 17 senators,and elections are held during Spring Semester of each year. Any vacant seats may be filled by petitioning in once elections are finalized. Please see the ASUP Senate community website for more information about becoming an ASUP Senator.

Class Year Caucus:
Freshmen, 2 Senators
Sophomores, 2 Senators
Juniors, 2 Senators
Seniors, 2 Senators

Academic School Caucus:
College of Arts and Sciences, 2 Senators
School of Business, 2 Senators
School of Education, 1 Senator
School of Nursing, 2 Senators

*One senate seat is awarded for each constituency group. Additional senate seats are awarded for constituents numbering over 300 members. Advocacy: The ASUP Senate functions as a student advocacy group, with a committee structure that researches campus issues relevant to students. The senate can draft and approve resolutions asking for improvement in any of these areas. An approved resolution is brought before the University administration for action.

Senate Standing Committees and Subcommittees:

  • Infrastructure: includes Academic Concerns, Athletic Affairs, and Technological Affairs.
  • Campus Affairs: includes Residence Life and Food.
  • Community Relations
  • Oversight
  • ASUP Awareness: includes Diversity, Sustainability, and Service and Leadership
  • Security and Maintenance

Senate Special Committees:

  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Senior Gift
  • Elections
  • Club Recognition Advisory


The ASUP Senate oversees the allocation of the student government fee paid by all full-time undergraduate students. The budget cycle runs for each academic semester. The student government fee may go toward the following areas:

*CPB Funding

*Student Activities

*Club Funding

*Capital Improvements

*General ASUP Expenses