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ADvantage Director

Job Title

ADvantage Director


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversees all ADvantage orders
  • Generates new customers
  • Manages the ADvantage advertising system (i.e. processing and assigning orders, monitoring screen function, etc.)
  • Manages a team of designers, oversees and delegates between graphic designers
  • Regularly communicates with clients, designers, supervisors, and advisors
  • Tracks and reconciles all billing charges
  • Leads all ADvantage staff meetings
  • Includes designer responsibilities of designing, printing, and distributing publicity
  • Maintains the University Standards of decency and acceptability for all publicity
  • Promotes a positive image of ASUP and ADvantage’s role on campus


General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Full-time undergraduate student with a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Clear of disciplinary probations and sanctions
  • Experience in graphic design and Photoshop preferred, but not required
  • Strong communication, entrepreneurial, organizational skills
  • Customer service and client support proficiency
  • Able to display leadership and management skills


Time Commitment and Required Availability

  • Director must hold at least 10 regular office hours on a weekly basis
  • Weekly meetings with staff
  • Periodic Meetings with ASUP President and Office of Student Activities


Good Standing Statement

The position you are applying for requires students to be in good standing with the University of Portland. By agreeing to apply to this position you are consenting to allow the Office of Student Activities to request your involvement in the University of Portland Conduct Process. You may submit an additional explanation that will accompany your application.