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Composting Program Coordinator

Job Title

Composting Program Coordinator


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures the university’s efforts in sustainability
  • Hires, orients, trains, and manages student Compost Riders
  • Coordinates schedules for food waste collection, transport, and disposal
  • Accurately assesses the volume of food waste collected through the program
  • Acquires of equipment (bike, buckets, gloves, etc.) and manages storage space for equipment in order to support efficient operations of the program
  • Provides periodic information and feedback to all stakeholders, including ASUP, Physical Plant, and Residence Life, Sustainability Coordinators
  • Helps facilitate residence hall occupant engagement with the program, marketing the service as appropriate
  • Empties compost collection containers into appropriate receptacles
  • Transports compost from the dorms to the composting bins behind the commons
  • Answers student and staff questions while on the job regarding the program
  • Cleans any messes and report maintenance issues to Physical Plant
  • Weighs compost and measures volume in can


General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Required: Ability to work alone with little or no supervision
  • Required: Ability to lift a minimum of 25 pounds
  • Required: Willingness to learn about composting and environmental issues on campus
  • Required: Public Safety Driver Safety certificate (Free and can be obtained once hired)


Time Commitment and Required Availability

  • 7.5-10.5 hours per week
  • Must be available to meet with members of the ASUP Executive Board and assigned OSA advisor


Good Standing Statement

The position you are applying for requires students to be in good standing with the University of Portland. By agreeing to apply to this position you are consenting to allow the Office of Student Activities to request your involvement in the University of Portland Conduct Process. You may submit an additional explanation that will accompany your application.