Pilots Audio and Lighting Director | University of Portland

Pilots Audio and Lighting Director

Job Title

Pilots Audio and Lighting Director


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with Events, Physical Plant, Media Services, or other University Departments as necessary to ensure all event needs and requirements are satisfied
  • Supervise and coordinate student technician staff schedule, hours, and training
  • Oversee the coordination of PAL requests from campus partners and serve as primary contact in coordinating technical needs per request
  • Identify appropriate audio and lighting needs for a variety of campus partners and events
  • When applicable, meet with clients before events to answer/ask any questions, obtain tech riders/needs, event layouts, special requests, etc.
  • When applicable, verify tech crew hours with master labor log, submit and verify tech crew hours bi-monthly to PAL supervisor for approval
  • Manage PAL budget and finances in coordination with ASUP Treasurer
  • Identify equipment repair needs and new equipment needs
  • Serve as a member of Campus Program Board’s Rock the Bluff concert planning committee, responsible for handling technical and set-up needs for event and artist


General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Required: Advanced understanding of audio and lighting equipment
  • Required: Ability to troubleshoot technical needs or issues on site
  • Required: Experience as audio and light technician for variety of events
  • Required: Ability to set up and operate both audio and lighting equipment in environments with loud music and/or loud or extraneous background noise
  • Required: Ability to set up and operate both audio and lighting equipment, which includes halogen and LED lighting, in environments which may contain different colors and intensities of light, shadows, rapid color and light intensity changes, rapid strobe or flickering effects, and both very brightly and dimly lit scenarios
  • Required: Ability to communicate effectively with other techs and clients in the above-mentioned environments
  • Required: Ability to work safely and effectively in fast paced, stressful, and time critical situations
  • Required: Ability to work as a team member or individual, with minimal supervision and direction
  • Required: Ability to lift 50-75lbs and push (on wheels) 75-200lbs


Time Commitment and Required Availability

  • Must be able to work irregular hours with regular weekend and night responsibilities


Good Standing Statement

The position you are applying for requires students to be in good standing with the University of Portland. By agreeing to apply to this position you are consenting to allow the Office of Student Activities to request your involvement in the University of Portland Conduct Process. You may submit an additional explanation that will accompany your application.