Beacon Opinion Editor/Senior Reporter

Job Title

Beacon Opinion Editor/Senior Reporter





Duties and Responsibilities

  • This position is open to all UP students. However, preference is given to applicants with relevant experience.
  • Serves on Editorial Board and attends Ed Board meetings on Wed. nights.
  • Fulfills all reporter duties as listed in News (or sports) Reporter job description
  • Plays leadership role as directed by adviser and editor-in-chief during Beacon Boot Camp training in August
  • Presents wide range of relevant editorial topics to the Editorial Board for their consideration.
  • Researches and writes fact-based Beacon editorial about once a month after consulting with Editorial Board. The approval of a simple majority is required before publication
  • Performs reporting tasks necessary for preparing the editorial including interviewing sources when necessary
  • Reaches out regularly to UP students, faculty and staff for thoughtful submissions on relevant topics, seeking varied, diverse and inclusive points of view
  • Reads and fact checks submissions, and works with contributors to ensure submissions adhere to AP and Beacon style and provide meaningful content
  • Posts all Opinion content and ensures the Beacon Opinion section is a respectful exchange of ideas, not allowing for personal attacks
  • Oversees Beacon staff sign-up for weekly commentary writing. Makes a sign-up sheet at the beginning of each semester
  • Arranges photographs of columnists
  • Communicates with contributors if there are questions or concerns about their submission
  • Strategizes creative ways to be a platform for opinions throughout the UP community, using digital tools to publish opinion polls, video and other forms of media
  • Verifies identities of writers of all commentary and letters to the editor
  • Stays up-to-date on local, national and international events as well as campus issues
  • Reads the work of professional columnists regularly and other readings as recommended by the adviser
  • Contributes two story ideas each week


General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Has excellent writing and critical thinking skills
  • Loves to read a variety of news and opinion articles
  • Is insatiably curious, creative and proactive about learning
  • Is a good listener as well as a natural leader
  • Is dependable, considerate, ethical and emotionally mature
  • Is culturally competent and strives for diversity and inclusion in the Opinion section
  • Articulates opinions and a call-to-action in concise and persuasive writing
  • Applies careful research and keen logic as well as emotion to editorial writing
  • Manages time well; thrives on a busy schedule
  • Must be able to handle stress well, including short deadlines
  • Is diplomatic with community members who object to the editorial and all contributors
  • Is willing to learn/try about multimedia as well as writing
  • Is a go-getter, strives for excellence, naturally goes above-and-beyond what’s expected
  • Collaborates and communicates well in a team setting
  • Is open to instruction


Time Commitment and Availability

  • Attends staff meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:40 unless there is a conflict with a class and the editor approves the absence in advance. Staffers are strongly discouraged from registering for classes that meet during those time periods.
  • The person in this position makes up part of The Beacon Editorial Board. In addition to Tuesday and Thursday all-staff meetings, Editorial Board members also have a required meeting on Wednesday nights at 7.
  • Attends Beacon Boot Camp training in August