Beacon Photographer

Job Title

Beacon Photographer





Duties and Responsibilities

  • Must have appropriate digital camera
  • Takes and immediately uploads high-quality digital photos as assigned on deadline, including on weekends. Photos and captions should be uploaded immediately after the photos are shot. For each shoot, photographer should upload 10 or more photos from varying perspectives. Vertical and horizontal photos should always be included.
  • Strives for photos that tell a compelling story rather than just record an image
  • Contacts reporter associated with photo assignment to discuss photo ideas, needs, interview schedule
  • May be required to take and edit video and post it online, including using a cell phone
  • When assigned to shoot a sporting event, stays for the entire event.
  • Behaves and dresses in a professional manner when representing The Beacon
  • Supplies editors with accurate and complete identification and caption for each photograph/video
  • Maintains effective communication with Multimedia Editor and reporters
  • Creates online multimedia (ie: slideshows, short videos)
  • May be asked to create photo illustrations
  • Adheres to professional code of ethics for photojournalism
  • Responds immediately when contacted by editors during breaking news


General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA


Time Commitment and Availability

  • Attends staff meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:40 unless there is a conflict with a class and the editor approves the absence in advance. Staffers are strongly discouraged from registering for classes that meet during those times
  • Must attend Beacon Boot Camp training in August approximately one week before fall term starts and should not schedule conflicting activities/positions