Beacon Sports Reporter

Job Title

Beacon Sports Editor





Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reports and writes approximately two stories a week on deadline as assigned by the Sports Editor. Game coverage stories are due shortly after the game.
  • Writes short breaking sports stories for in a timely manner
  • With rare exception, in game/event coverage, sports reporters should stay for the entire game/event and interview athletes and coaches on site immediately after the game/event.
  • Makes revisions, revisits or adds sources as directed by sports editor.
  • Follows best journalistic practices including accuracy, fairness and ethics beyond reproach
  • Behaves as a professional journalist not a sports fan.
  • When covering a game or other sporting event, sits in the press area not with fans
  • Regularly interacts with the UP Sports information personnel, keeping lines of communication clear
  • Meets with adviser for one-on-one coaching as directed by editors.
  • Must regularly contact sources for stories, conduct interviews and produce content that is fair and accurate. Must record audio of interviews (with source permission) in addition to taking thorough notes.
  • Post scores online for designated games using Twitter
  • Covers sporting events as assigned, including on weekends. May be required to tweet during sporting events
  • Post photos and/or video and/or record audio
  • Uses social media in a professional manner including posting links to Beacon content and Tweeting during sports events. Writes at least one commentary for Opinions section per semester
  • Contributes two story ideas each week
  • Reads professional sports journalism on a regular basis and as assigned by editors and adviser


General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • May not be employed by UP Marketing or UP Athletics or on ASUP


Time Commitment and Availability

  • Must attend Beacon Boot Camp training in August approximately one week before fall term starts and should not schedule conflicting activities/positions.
  • Attends staff meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:40 unless there is a conflict with a class and the editor approves the absence in advance. Staffers are strongly discouraged from registering for classes that meet during those time periods.