KDUP Promotions Director

Job Title

KDUP Promotions Director


Duties and responsibilities associated with the position

  • Collaborate with KDUP team members in setting goals for the radio station
  • Develop the brand and image of KDUP across campus
  • Work closely with Program Director to promote new DJ applications, finalized show schedules, and events throughout the semester
  • Work closely with Volunteer Coordinator to distribute promotional materials
  • Oversee and regularly create engaging and interactive social media posts
  • Coordinate the publication and distribution of all printed promotional materials, including bi-semester Zines, flyers, DJ show schedules, and newspaper ads
  • Design and order promotional products such as t-shirts, stickers, frisbees, etc.
  • Collaborate with Web Technician to establish and keep up a digital presence
  • Establish collaborative working relationships with KDUP staff to strive for cohesive efforts


General qualifications and requirements

  • Required: Minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA to apply
  • Preferred: High attention to detail and working within an assigned budget
  • Preferred: Effective, timely, and professional communication to students, faculty/staff, and external vendors
  • Preferred: Ability to lift 25-50 pounds and push heavy equipment on wheeled cart
  • Preferred: Prior experience with music/radio stations, or an interest in learning


Time commitment and required availability

  • Required: Attending weekly staff meetings
  • Required: Attending at least 3 volunteer meetings per semester
  • Required: Hold 2 office hours each week
  • Required: All staff are expected to attend and help with set up and tear down for all KDUP events


Good standing statement

The position you are applying for requires students to be in good standing with the University of Portland. By agreeing to apply to this position you are consenting to allow the Office of Student Activities to request your involvement in the University of Portland Conduct Process. You may submit an additional explanation that will accompany your application.