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Apply as a Transfer

Students who have graduated from high school and have completed, or are currently taking college courses will apply using our transfer application. Students who have attempted 26 or more college semester hours or 39 or more quarter hours are considered for admission if they are in good academic standing in the college most recently attended. Students who have fewer than the number of college credit hours listed above will need to submit an official final high school transcript. You may submit SAT or ACT scores if you would like them used in your application evaluation.

There is no application fee for students applying for entry terms through Fall 2024.

Apply with the UP Application (available for Summer 2024, and Fall 2024)

Timeline for Transfers

December 1
Application deadline for Spring admission 
Housing application becomes available for confirmed students

June 1 
Preferred application deadline for Fall admission 

August 1
Final application deadline for Fall admission 

Transferable credits are counted in determining class standing when students transfer from an accredited college or university. (Students are classified as a sophomore if they have obtained at least 30 semester hours of credit; as juniors, 60 hours; as seniors, 90 hours.) 

Credits designated as transfer (100-level or above) with a grade of C (2.00) or higher, may be accepted from accredited community colleges and baccalaureate degree-granting institutions, as well as by professional accrediting agencies when appropriate. Academic credit for other courses and advanced placement may also be given with approval of the dean.

Engineering Applicants: 
For information on the transfer engineering program requirements please visit the Shiley School of Engineering website.

Dual Enrollment (taking college classes while in high school)
Use the first-year application.  University of Portland will evaluate college courses for credit transfer with grades of C or higher and 100-level or above. Use the transfer application only if you have already earned a high school diploma and are enrolled in or have taken college courses since graduating from high school.

If you have questions about how your college courses will transfer or need guidance on what college courses to take as you prepare to attend UP, please contact


Office of Admissions is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.