Graham Foster ’21 | University of Portland

Graham Foster ’21

Manufacturing Engineer, Boeing

Majors: Mechanical Engineering


"I participated in the Multiple Engineering Co-op Program (MECOP) during my time at UP, which helped me get my current position. The program connects engineering students to Northwest companies for extended internships. Not only did I gain a ton of relevant experience, but my first internship was at Boeing, which turned into a full-time job offer when I graduated.

The thermal science classes that I took at UP were probably my favorite, sparking my interest in renewable energy and large-scale energy systems. That isn’t directly impacting my job right now, but I spend a fair amount of my free time looking into how innovative engineering can provide solutions to the impacts of climate change. 

In fact, the experiences I had with sustainability at UP through different clubs, classes, and opportunities have left a lasting impact on my way of thinking. One stand-out experience was the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, where I was able to explore the impact of renewable energy through a multidisciplinary lens. This culminated in my senior year with an independent research study looking into the feasibility of flow battery technology—a large-scale energy storage solution alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

My advice is, work hard but make sure that you take time to enjoy what you are doing. Years from now, you won’t remember every assignment, but you will remember the lessons and connections that you gained from your experiences."

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