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Alumni Profiles

Maryam Saudagaran

Maryam Saudagaran - Class of 2017

"I chose UP because of its fantastic undergraduate nursing program but also because it felt right. Little did I know, the people I met would remain my friends and mentors 10 years later!"

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Surabhi Joglekar

Surabhi Joglekar - Class of 2020
Secondary Education, Mathematics

"When I looked into UP’s School of Education, it automatically became my first choice for college. The ability to work in local schools starting my first year and the scaffolded path to the student-teaching year gave me ample time to become comfortable working in a classroom with students before starting my career."

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Samantha Rivas

Samantha Rivas - Class of 2020

"I knew I wanted to go to medical school and that mentorship during my undergrad years would be very important. That’s why I chose UP."

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Connor Heffernan

Connor Heffernan - Class of 2022
Political Science, Economics

"At UP, I was able to focus on the political topics that fascinated me most and intern with two Oregon legislature election campaigns, all of which watered the roots of my public service career."

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Erin McConville

Erin McConville - Class of 2021
Civil Engineering

"I became interested in studying civil engineering because there are many opportunities to serve the public through public infrastructure projects."

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Victor Rodriguez Valdovinos

Victor Rodriguez Valdovinos - Class of 2020

"During my senior year, my capstone clinical immersion was in an ophthalmology outpatient eye surgery center. This experience gave me great training in pre- and post-operative patient care."

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Emma Scheve

Emma Scheve - Class of 2019
History, German Studies, Economics minor

"I fell in love with the German language and UP allowed me to translate my studies into incredible experiences living, learning, and working abroad."

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Kai Takeuchi

Kai Takeuchi - Class of 2018
Marketing and Operations & Technology Management

"The business core curriculum gave me great exposure to all the business majors, which helped me figure out what I ultimately wanted to do."

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Lydia Heye

Lydia Heye - Class of 2019
Political Science

"The incredible faculty at UP advised me in my junior year to consider law school, given my passion for racial and social justice."

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Graham Foster

Graham Foster - Class of 2021
Mechanical Engineering

"The experiences that I had with sustainability at UP through different clubs, classes, and experiences has been really impactful on my way of thinking."

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Hannah Baade

Hannah Baade - Class of 2018
Economics, Sustainability

"My education at UP prepared me to work hard and be fearless."

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Michael Solitaria

Michael Solitaria - Class of 2017
Elementary Education

"I chose UP because I felt I could build a community there, it was in a city I wanted to explore, and I wanted to discover what my Catholic faith meant to me outside of my family."

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Matthew Mun

Matthew Mun - Class of 2015

"Coming from a small school in Hawai’i, I liked the size of UP and the community made me feel at home."

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Peter Chamberlain

Peter Chamberlain - Class of 2014
Mechanical Engineering, Music minor

"I took advantage of every opportunity that was available at UP."

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Alex Quackenbush Bartlett

Alex Quackenbush Bartlett - Class of 2015
Mathematics and Biology

"If you are interested in learning and growing, the UP faculty are here to support you."

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Molly Steiner

Molly Steiner - Class of 2018
Elementary Education & Spanish

"I’m continually drawing on the skills I gained during my four years."

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Walter Thompson-Hernández

Walter Thompson-Hernández - Class of 2009
Political Science

"The size of campus really fostered an intimate feeling of community."

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Jay Brannon

J’reyesha “Jay” Brannon - Class of 2015
Civil Engineering

"People call us public servants, and I like that. I like to be in the know about my city."

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Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes - Class of 2002
Social Work

"When I started Girls Build in 2016, I did it because there was a need and a request, and I found myself, a decade and a half out of college, uniquely positioned in this world as the perfect person to run a nonprofit that teaches girls to build."

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Tatjana Jerkovic-Walls

Tatjana Jerkovic-Walls - Class of 2019

"As a nurse I can do more; I can be more involved in all aspects of care."

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Augusto Carneiro

Augusto Carneiro - Class of 2001
Mechanical Engineering

"At UP, I learned the art of leading my peers. "

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Katie Scally

Katie Scally - Class of 2011
Communication Studies and Political Science

"People can make a difference in their communities. "

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Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson - Class of 2017

"Care and compassion motivate me"

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Megan Lester

Megan Lester - Class of 2015
English and German Studies

"UP set the stage for my career."

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Ramon “RJ” Tagorda

Ramon “RJ” Tagorda - Class of 2015
Master of Arts in Education, PACE Program

"Your success is important at UP."

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Joe Novello

Joe Novello - Class of 2004

"The University made me who I am today. "

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Claire Clelland

Claire Clelland - Class of 2005
Biology and Philosophy

"My liberal arts education was essential."

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Shannon Danforth

Shannon Danforth - Class of 2016
Civil Engineering

"Rigorous classes prepared me well."

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Kai Seely

Kai Seely - Class of 2017
Biology, Chemistry & Neuroscience minors

"My time at UP really prepared me for the transition to medical school."

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Nick Krautscheid

Nick Krautscheid - Class of 2019
Secondary Education, Business Administration minor

"My experiences at UP furthered my drive to serve others, which I hope to do through teaching."

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