Alumni Profiles

Andriana Alexis

Andriana Alexis - Class of 2013
Organizational Communication

"Working with students keeps me going."

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Sam Barbara

Sam Barbara - Class of 2004, 2006
Music, Master's in Teaching

"UP laid the groundwork for my career. "

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Augusto Carneiro

Augusto Carneiro - Class of 2001
Mechanical Engineering

"At UP, I learned the art of leading my peers. "

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Patrick Chapman

Patrick Chapman - Class of 2013, 2015
Secondary Education, Master's in Education

"Teachers become mentors, educators, and friends."

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Claire Clelland

Claire Clelland - Class of 2005
Biology and Philosophy

"My liberal arts education was essential."

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Photo of Kenny King

Kenny King - Class of 2012
Global Business and German Studies

"Let passion drive your work."

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Joe Novello

Joe Novello - Class of 2004

"The University made me who I am today. "

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Tommy Pham

Tommy Pham - Class of 2009, 2011
Biology, Master's in Business Administration

"UP helped me realize my true potential. "

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Katie Scally

Katie Scally - Class of 2011
Political Science and Communication

"People can make a difference in their communities. "

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Photo of Alissa White

Alissa White - Class of 2012

"I now think critically and compassionately."

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Photo of Tim Wigington

Tim Wigington - Class of '07, '09
Political Science and Spanish; Master's in Business Administration

"I've always had a deep connection to the natural world, and as a student I became increasingly interested in understanding what it would take to develop a more sustainable society. "

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Kamauri Yeh

Kamauri Yeh - Class of 2011
Organizational Communication

"In social media, you can't predict tomorrow."

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