Hannah Baade ’18 | University of Portland

Hannah Baade ’18

Equity Research Analyst, Hilton Capital Management 

Majors: Economics, Sustainability minor


"My UP education prepared me to work hard and be fearless, which is required when learning about ion implant machinery in semiconductor capital equipment or learning how to do discounted cash flow valuation—both of which are things I have had to do in my career while having zero subject matter expertise. 

Intellectual curiosity is a necessary quality for any career in financial markets, and while I was not born curious about the market, my economics courses were infinitely interesting. My Income Inequality class taught me that privilege and socioeconomic standing is deeply rooted in events that happen before we ever get to high school, sometimes even before we are born, and we have a serious issue in our country that our generation will need to work to fix. Econometrics was one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken and really pushed me to want to be better and work harder. My economics degree, while not easy, really left a mark on the way I work now.

Along the way, the Career Education Center helped me put what I was learning into practice. Every internship I had—Kroger, Oregon Department of Agriculture—and my first two jobs I scored because they had a connection and opportunity for students. I even called the center for resume advice last year when I was changing jobs.  I credit the center, times a million, for helping me get where I am today."


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