Surabhi Joglekar '20 | University of Portland

Surabhi Joglekar '20

MARYAM SAUDAGARANHigh School Math Teacher, Portland Public Schools

Majors: Secondary Education, Mathematics

"When I looked into UP’s School of Education, it automatically became my first choice for college. The ability to work in local schools starting my first year and the scaffolded path to the student-teaching year gave me ample time to become comfortable working in a classroom with students before starting my career.

The classes I took in classroom management, adolescent psychology, assessment, and language acquisition were invaluable, and I still reflect on them in my work today. I’m able to strategize interventions for students in need of behavioral support and employ trauma-informed instruction and social-emotional learning strategies to address students’ needs.

Math has always been one of my favorite subjects, but I know many students have negative experiences with math. I strive to give my students differentiated instruction and positive learning experiences so that they can enjoy math too. I have been very lucky to have several influential teachers in my educational career who believed in me and supported me, and I want to be able to do that for my students as well."