Matthew Mun '15 | University of Portland

Matthew Mun '15

Matthew MunAllocation Analyst, Nike

Major: Marketing

“Coming from a small school in Hawai’i, I liked the size of UP and the community made me feel at home. I was able to develop relationships with my professors and classmates, and I felt comfortable asking questions, which created a positive learning environment.

UP also offered a balance between academics and social life. I played multiple intramural sports, was the vice president of the Hawai’i Club, made lifelong friends, and got a great education. I encourage everyone to use this time to get involved and embrace change.

As a business major, my classes and the P4 program helped me feel ready to secure a job after graduation. During my senior year, the business school brought in speakers to offer advice and to talk about the biggest challenges they faced in starting their careers. They hosted networking opportunities to connect you with alumni who are working in the fields you are interested in. We went through multiple mock interviews and networking classes. We took workshops to prepare our LinkedIn profiles, resumes, interview answers, and key things to look for in our first job.

All those lessons paid off and helped my professional career start on the right foot, and they remain valuable today. Networking is a major factor in my career when it comes to advancing and getting different opportunities. I feel very comfortable meeting up with people over a cup of coffee to learn more about different jobs and to make connections that could possibly pay off down the road.”

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