Tim Wigington ’07, ’09

Tim WigingtonStaff Attorney & Business Analyst, The Freshwater Trust

Majors: Political Science and Spanish; Master's in Business Administration

At UP I was able to apply lessons from the classroom directly to my job on campus. This experience helped me build early-career confidence as well as develop the principles and work ethic I now rely on.

I’ve always had a deep connection to the natural world, and as a student I became increasingly interested in understanding what it would take to develop a more sustainable society. After graduating with degrees in political science and Spanish, I worked in the University’s alumni office as an assistant director of strategic planning while I earned my MBA with a focus on sustainable business principles. My graduate studies provided me a glimpse into how business decisions (like operations, material sourcing, and even accounting) can lead to different outcomes.

My law education helped me to understand the underlying legal structure and processes that drive and motivate business decision-making. I wanted to find a profession in which I could help change the legal and policy landscape through the application of creative and entrepreneurial environmental solutions that would help lead our society to a more sustainable place.

I am now a business analyst/staff attorney for The Freshwater Trust, an Oregon-based nonprofit dedicated to the preservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems. My position requires that I understand the current constraints of the law, the future policy outcomes desired, and the finances associated with new solutions to solve big environmental problems.