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Light from The Bluff - Faith Newsletter

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Light from The Bluff is a monthly, faith-based newsletter for University of Portland alumni, parents, and friends. 

Each edition will feature a scripture reflection written by a UP community member as well as other faith-focused content.

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Past Issues

April 2017- Issue I (Reflection by Jenna Warner '15 + Meet Fr. Jim Gallagher, C.S.C.)

May 2017- Issue II (Reflection by Jeanette Ehmke '00 + Meet Fr. Pat Hannon, C.S.C. '82)

June 2017- Issue III (Dedicated to Brian Doyle)

July 2017- Issue IV (Reflection by Jordan Schiemer ‘15  + Meet Fr. Rutherford, C.S.C)

August 2017- Issue V (Reflection by Shannon Shoul '97 + Meet Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C.)

September 2017- Issue VI (Reflection by Noah Banks '16 + Meet Fr. Mark Ghyselinck, C.S.C.)

October 2017 - Issue VII (Reflection by Roya Quirk '11 + Meet Fr. Art Wheeler, C.S.C.)

November 2017 - Issue VIII (Reflection by Catherine Schuster '12 + Meet Fr. Edwin H. Obermiller, C.S.C.)

December 2017 - Issue IX (Reflection by Katrina Welborn '14 + Meet Rev. Mark L. Poorman, C.S.C.)

January 2018 - Issue X (Reflection by Teige Weidner '08 and '11 + Meet Fr. Gerry Olinger, C.S.C.)

February 2018 - Issue XI (Reflection by Paul Senz '10 + Meet Fr. Dan Parrish C.S.C.)

March 2018 - Issue XII (Reflection by Austin Veiga '13 & '15 + Meet Rev. John J. Donato C.S.C.)

April 2018 - Issue XIII (Reflection by Katie Doyle '12 & '15 + Meet Fr. Bob Antonelli, C.S.C.)

May 2018 - Issue XIV (Reflection by Shani O'Brien '09 + Meet Fr. Timothy Weed, C.S.C.)

June 2018 - Issue XV (Reflection by Kelsey Davis '09 + Meet Rev. Jeffrey A. Schneibel, C.S.C.)

July 2018 - Issue XVI (Reflection by Allie Labrousse '16 + Prayer in a Busy World)

August 2018 - Issue XVII (Reflection by Alyx Cardenas '18 + Corners of Campus)

September 2018 - Issue XVIII (Reflection by Austin Frank '16, '18 + Christ the Teacher)

October 2018 - Issue XIX (Reflection by Ezequiel Delgado-Cervantes '16 + Chapel Doors)

November 2018 - Issue XX (Refection by Beth Krautscheid '12 + Bell Tower)

December 2018 - Issue XXI (Reflection by Katie Beaubien Franchini ‘10 + Marian Garden)

Submit a Reflection

Alumni, parents, and friends of UP, we encourage you to consider submitting your own scripture reflection for inclusion in an upcoming issue of this newsletter.
Please email for more information.