Pilots Fun Run Social Media Toolkit

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Pilots Fun Run 5k October 10 and 11

Instagram Story

I'm running because... Pilots Fun Run 5k

I run because Pilots Fun Run 5k

I run because Pilots Fun Run 5k

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Pilots Fun Run 5k graphic

Pilots Fun Run 5k graphic

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I'm Running Because Pilots Fun Run 5k


University of Portland Pilots Fun Run

Printable Race Bib

Click the image to download the bib and open it in Microsoft Word (or other program that works for a .docx file). Change the number to the one you want to have for your virtual race, add your UP community affiliation (student, alumni, parent, faculty, or staff) then print it out, cut it out, and pin it on! 

Pilots Fun Run 5k Customizable Race Bib with Number