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2023 Next Port

Next Port highlights Class of 2023 graduates and their journey after UP. Our Pilots participate in a wide variety of amazing programs and organizations during their time at UP, preparing them for a life of meaning and purpose.

Beth Chvilicek '23

Beth Chvilicek - Class of 2023
Social Work

"I'm excited to continue my political advocacy work and to work on campaigns that create a more just and equitable Oregon."

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Brianna Tade

Brianna Tade - Class of 2023
Social Work

"I would encourage my freshman self to try different avenues and opportunities than I would naturally gravitate to as doing so has opened a lot of different doors for me."

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Graham Finch

Graham Finch - Class of 2023

"Not only did I develop new skills through my co-curricular activities, but I also had the opportunity to meet and make friends with people who I might not have encountered in my classes."

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Jordan Villarreal

Jordan Villarreal - Class of 2023

"Montana Hisel Cochran is the greatest mentor I could ever ask for both professionally and personally."

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Hera Malik

Hera Malik - Class of 2023
Computer Science

"Dr. Dvorak, who was my first advisor at UP, got me into cybersecurity in the first place. She encouraged me to participate in my first CTF, which ended up transforming to a passion for the field."

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Thelma Mendoza

Thelma Mendoza - Class of 2023
Mechanical Engineering

"[I'm] applying my knowledge to a field that I am passionate about."

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Alex Miller

Alex Miller - Class of 2023

"I am excited to return to the company I interned at to continue to make connections and build upon my technical knowledge within a large business context."

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Destiny Kramer

Destiny Kramer - Class of 2023

"The Career Education Center was pivotal in enabling me to reach my First Port. I am so thankful for guidance from all of the CEC staff on resume and cover letter building and interview preparation throughout my entire application process."

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Sarah Tingleff

Sarah Tingleff - Class of 2023
Environmental Ethics & Policy

"I'm excited for the opportunity to engage with a new community in a completely new environment."

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Lauren White

Lauren White - Class of 2023
Mechanical Engineering

"Everyone in the Shiley School of Engineering and all of the various on-campus jobs I've had such as being a Peer-Assisted Learning Facilitator and Anchor Seminar Workshop Leader really helped prepare me for my professional journey."

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Claire Mueller

Claire Mueller - Class of 2023

"I'm excited to experience what it's like doing full time research this year along with my peers."

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