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Health Insurance

The University believes that a solid health plan is vital to the well being of our students. As such, all full-time undergraduate students are required to carry medical insurance and are automatically enrolled in a PacificSource Health Plan. Students with comparable existing health insurance coverage may complete an on-line Health Insurance Waiver, such that they may be disenrolled from the PacificSource health plan if their existing coverage meets University requirements. The online waiver form will be available each semester starting mid-July for Fall semester and mid-December for Spring semester. Please have your health insurance ID card available. 

The deadline to complete the waiver for fall 2024 is 2:00 p.m. (PDT) August 30, 2024.

The deadline to complete the waiver for spring 2025 is 2:00 p.m. (PST) January 17, 2025.

Unless you complete the online waiver before the deadline each semester, you will be required to pay the $1,643 premium for the PacificSource Health Plan for that semester. Once the deadline has passed, no exceptions will be granted.

Once your online waiver application has been submitted, it will be audited to determine if your existing health insurance coverage meets the University requirements. You will receive an email notification that your waiver has been declined within 5-7 business days if your coverage does not meet the requirements set by the University of Portland and the premium charge will remain on your student account.

If your waiver is approved, please allow 5-7 business days for the waiver credit to be posted to your student account.

The waiver must be completed every fall and spring

Waiver Requirements

  • Your plan provides access to health care providers in the Portland, Oregon area for emergency and non-emergency conditions.
    Note: Plans that provide benefits only for emergency and/or urgent care do notsatisfy this criteria. If your HMO offers guest privileges in the Portland area, you can potentially meet this criteria by obtaining guest privileges. You must contact your insurer to receive guest privileges prior to waiving coverage.
  • Your plan covers inpatient and outpatient mental health care within the Portland, Oregon area.
    Note: Emergency only coverage does notsatisfy this requirement
  • Your plan is currently active and you agree to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the entire 2024-2025 academic year.
  • Your health insurance plan is ACA-compliant (Short term medical plans are not ACA-compliant). The key ACA requirements are: your plan must not have any pre-existing condition clauses, must not include dollar maximum limits on essential benefits and must cover preventive services.

2024-25 Pacific Source Student Insurance Highlight Sheet-Domestic

2024-25 Pacific Source Student Insurance Highlight Sheet-International

Health insurance questions can be answered through USI Student Health,

Part-time undergraduates or students that are studying abroad are not required to participate in the University's group insurance plan and are not automatically enrolled. Part-time undergraduate students or students that are studying abroad who would like to participate or continue their coverage in the University's group insurance plan should contact student accounts for more information.

Graduate students are also eligible to purchase coverage.  To enroll, you must visit . Payment is due at time of enrollment.  Only students taking courses that meet the full-time requirement of 6 credits or more are eligible to purchase the graduate student health insurance.  Enrollment deadlines do apply, please see website for enrollment periods and cost.

Students who are covered by the University's group plan and are approved for a Leave of Absence or a Medical Leave during a semester will continue their coverage through the remainder of the semester in which their leave was approved and will not have the option to purchase insurance in future semesters while on a leave of absence or medical leave of absence.  Once an undergraduate student returns to the University in a part-time or full-time status, the University's group health plan is available either on an optional basis for part-time students or required for full-time undergraduate students.