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Canadian Tax Forms

Form T2202A Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amount Certificate
Eligible students who attend a cohort program based in Canada will be sent an email to their account with directions on how to access Form T2202A online on or before the last day of February each year.

The University of Portland was advised in 1999 by Revenue Canada (now Canada Revenue Agency) that the tuition paid to the University of Portland to attend the program at its Canadian campus qualifies for the "tuition tax credit" for purposes of paragraph 118.5 (1)(a) of the Canadian Income Tax Act because the University's Canadian campus is considered to be an "educational institution in Canada."

The form T2202A supports a student's ability to claim the "tuition tax credit" for Canadian income tax purposes. In the form we have noted if you are a full time student. As specified on the form, in order to claim this credit:

  • The student must be enrolled at an educational institution in Canada, of which the University of Portland Canadian campus qualifies; and
  • The educational institution must be a university or college or other educational institution offering courses at the post-secondary level; and
  • Total tuition paid to the University of Portland-Canadian campus must exceed $100 for the year; and
  • The fees must not have been paid on your behalf or reimbursed by your employer or a Government of Canada or a Province of Canada

It is important to understand the University of Portland is not asserting that you will be entitled to a tax credit for tuition paid to the University of Portland if you receive a T2202A form. You must ensure you meet all other requirements under the Canadian Income Tax Act to claim the "tuition tax credit" for tuition paid to the University of Portland. We suggest that you consult with an income tax advisor in Canada to determine whether or not you can claim the "tuition tax credit."

To access an electronic copy of your T2202A statement:



  • Enter School Code: S8
  • Enter Account #: Student ID # without preceding zeros
  • Enter Pin/Password: Sent by ECSI via email to your PilotsUP account


  • Select Tax Information
  • Select Tax Year
  • Click on View

If you don't know your Student ID # or Pin, click on the "Need help logging in?" link. If you are still experiencing trouble with your web login, please contact ECSI at 866.428.1098.

TL11A: Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate –University Outside Canada
TL11A certificates are used to certify eligible tuition fees for a Canadian student taking a course at the Portland, Oregon campus. Students may obtain a TL11A certificate upon request to Please include your full name, mailing address and Student ID number with your request.