Past Due Accounts | University of Portland

Past Due Accounts

Accounts with an outstanding balance may be subject to a student account hold. The hold may impact registration, release of grades, and diplomas. The hold can remain on the student account until the balance has been paid. A student with a hold is encouraged to contact the Office of Student Accounts. Payment made by personal or electronic check may not release this hold until two weeks after the receipt date. Students whose accounts are not paid in full before the first day of class may be subject to cancellation of registration.

Upon failure to make payment when due, the University of Portland, or its assignee may, at its option declare the entire unpaid balance immediately due and payable, whatever the original scheduled due dates. If placed for collection, students will be responsible for collection costs incurred in the University of Portland's efforts to have your balance paid in full (which could be up to fifty percent of the balance due) and attorney fees (including attorney fees upon appeal or in any bankruptcy proceedings, including advisory proceedings and motion for relief), whether or not a law suit is filed.