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Book Advance

The University offers students the option to request book advance funds. Bookstore advances are based on the amount of excess aid expected; this means that once the student's tuition, room/board, and fees have been paid, the excess can be used to buy books from the University's bookstore. For example, if your bill is $18,000 and you are receiving $18,500 in financial aid, we may be able to grant you a book advance for up to $500. The following policies apply:
  • Student must be matriculated and registered for classes
  • All requested documents must have been submitted to the Office of Financial Aid (i.e., taxes, verification worksheets, etc.) before the financial aid priority deadline of July 10
  • Vouchers are available for request the Thursday prior to the start of the semester through the first day of the semester only

To request a book advance:

  • Go to the campus bookstore and select your books. Bring them to the checkstand and tell the cashier you will be requesting a book advance. The cashier will ring up the books and then void the transaction
  • Bring the voided sales slip to student accounts. You will receive a voucher for up to the amount of the anticipated credit on your account, or the amount of your books, whichever is less
  • The amount of the voucher will be added as a charge to your student account
  • You will bring the voucher back to the bookstore to purchase your books