Credit Balance Refunds

Effective July 1, 2015

  • Refunds will not be processed until after the first day of the semester; no refunds will be issued prior to the start of the semester
  • Refund requests for students with Direct Deposit will be initiated twice a week, typically on the Tuesday or Friday after the credit appears on the student account. Once the request has been generated it will be deposited in your bank account within 5 business days
  • Students will receive an email to their email account after the direct deposit refund is fully processed. Refunds will be direct deposited to the account the student has designated on the Direct Deposit form
  • Refunds for students who have not signed up for Direct Deposit will be initiated once a week, and may take up to 8 days for the refund to be fully processed and mailed. The refund check will be mailed to an address from the Personal Information section of your self-serve account. The address order for fall and spring semesters (except winter break): BI, MA, LO, CA, PR. The address order for summer semester and winter break: BI, MA, PR, LO, CA
  • We encourage students to sign up for direct deposit. Please click this link for information on how to set up Direct Deposit.
  • If the credit balance results from Federal Title IV aid such as a Direct subsidized or unsubsidized loan, Perkins loan, Pell grant, ACG grant, SMART grant or SEOG, and/or from a credit or payment of any kind, the refund will be issued to the student regardless of where the payment originated. For instance, a check payment that overpays the student account will be refunded to the student even if the check was written by a parent
  • A refund will ordinarily only be processed if your overall account balance is a credit. University of Portland reserves the right to apply a credit to any outstanding charges on your student account according to federal guidelines, regardless of when the charge(s) is due. This includes applying your credit to charges for a future or past term
  • There is a two-week holding period for credits that result from an overpayment from a check or online payment of any kind
  • If the credit balance results from a Parent PLUS loan, a refund check will be issued to the parent who took out the loan unless the parent has submitted written authorization to issue the refund to the student. Direct deposit is not currently available for refunds to parents
  • If the credit balance is a combination of a Parent PLUS loan and another form of payment, the refund will be prorated to both student and parent based on the chronological order that the funds were disbursed to the student account unless the parent has submitted written authorization to issue the refund to the student
  • While the University of Portland does refund institutional payments (loans, scholarships) in excess of billed amounts in order to cover living and other expenses; it does not accept direct payments from parents or other non-institutional sources in excess of the billed amount.  Any such amounts should be paid directly to the student
  • Refund checks may not be returned to student accounts to be applied as a credit to the account. Once issued, refund checks must be cashed and an alternate payment option used to pay a student account balance
  • Please see the Credit Balance with Monthly Payment Plan page for refunds to students with a monthly payment plan
  • Credit balances under $1.00 may not be refunded unless requested, and will be written off if they are over one year old
  • Receipt of a refund does not imply that all charges have been paid. Students are strongly encouraged to carefully review the charges, payments, and other activity on their account even if a refund has been issued

***Please note: Due to the high volume of requests, there may be a delay in the processing of student refund checks during the first two weeks of each semester.