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Students are admitted to the University of Portland with the understanding they will remain until the end of the semester. The University makes commitments to the faculty and staff based on student enrollment. These commitments are not subject to change, even though enrollment may vary. For this reason, when students register for classes, they are responsible for payment of incurred charges whether or not they attend. To have the charges removed students must process a drop or withdrawal through the registrar's office within the refund period. Certain programs have special refund schedules and students are encouraged to consult with their program office to determine if a special schedule applies.

Dropping a class, withdrawing from a class, and withdrawing from all of your classes have different effects on your financial aid for current and future semesters. Every student's situation is unique; the best thing to do is talk to a financial aid counselor BEFORE you take action so they can advise you on the financial aid repercussions of dropping or withdrawing from courses.

If a student is dismissed or suspended, no part of the tuition and fees including room and board for the remainder of the semester will be refunded. If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from specific courses or to withdraw completely, the following policies apply:

Fall & Spring Refunds

For complete withdrawal, counting from the first day courses begin each semester, the following refund schedule applies:

During the first week - 100% of tuition and fees
During the second week - 75% of tuition
During the third week - 50% of tuition
During the fourth week - 25% of tuition
After the fourth week - No refunds

Please check with the Office of Student Accounts to see if you qualify for a refund from a partial withdrawal.

Tuition refunds are effective from the date a completed application to withdraw or drop courses is received in the Office of the Registrar, not from the last day of attendance. If you must withdraw after the refund period due to unusual circumstances, you may contact the Office of Student Accounts to apply for an exception to the refund policy.

Summer Refunds 

Refunds are calculated from the date your application for refund is approved, not from the date attendance is discontinued. You need to process the appropriate course drop or withdrawal paperwork by the deadlines specified in order to be eligible for a refund.

Eight-week Courses

Tuition refunds are given only during the initial two weeks of class. During the first week, you are eligible for a 100% refund: during the second week 40% refund.

Six-Week Courses

Tuition refunds are given only during the first seven weekdays after class begins. You are eligible for a 100% refund during the first four days after class begins, and for a 40% refund during the next three days.

After class begins, no refunds are given in a course of fewer than six week duration. You are eligible for a 100% refund for withdrawal before a class begins.

*Students enrolled in off-campus programs should refer to the specific program handbook.