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Credit Balance with Monthly Payment Plan

When a student sets up a Nelnet (formerly Tuition Management Systems or TMS) payment plan, the student account is credited for the entire term budget. As each monthly payment is made, Nelnet holds the payment for a minimum of 28 days before remitting the payment to the University of Portland. Because the funds posted to the student account are not received until several weeks after the Nelnet plan is paid in full, a refund from a credit on a student account with a Nelnet plan is not available until all obligations to Nelnet have been fulfilled and the funds for the entire Nelnet credit on the student account have been remitted to the University.

Students and designated payers have the option of lowering the monthly payment if there is a credit on the student account by contacting the Office of Student Accounts to adjust the Nelnet plan by the amount of the credit. Students who prefer not to have their Nelnet plan adjusted at the time the credit is created will automatically have their plan adjusted around the fourth week of the spring semester. Once the Nelnet plan is adjusted, any remaining credit on the student account will be refunded to the student.

Students also have the option of having their Nelnet plan automatically adjusted to reflect changes on the student account by submitting the Authorization to Adjust Monthly Payment Plan to the Student Accounts office:

  • Student accounts will be audited shortly after the 15th of each month.
  • If the student account has a balance due or a credit of $25.00 or more, the Nelnet plan will be raised or lowered accordingly
  • Each month the Nelnet plan is adjusted an email notification will be sent to the student and designated payer by the 22nd of the month
  • The authorization will be in place for the duration of the student attendance at the University of Portland, or until a written authorization is submitted by the student requesting the form be rescinded