Student Employment Eligibility | University of Portland

Student Employment Eligibility

To be eligible to work on-campus, a student must be admitted as a matriculated student into a University of Portland degree program and registered at least half-time (6 credit hours for undergraduates; 5 credit hours for graduates) during the current semester. Students must be pre-registered for the next semester in order to keep working past the last day of the current semester. Incoming students are not eligible to begin working on campus until their first day of classes. 

Student Employment Timeline

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Fall Employment

Students enrolled for the fall semester can work from the first day of fall classes through December 15 or the last day of classes for the semester, whichever falls later. Students must be pre-enrolled for the spring semester to continue working over the winter holiday. Student employees are not allowed to work during the winter shut down. Students graduating at the end of fall semester must stop working on December 15, or the last day of classes, whichever falls later. 

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Spring Employment

Students enrolled for spring semester can begin working on the first day of spring semester through May 15. Students who graduate at the end of spring semester will automatically be terminated on May 15.
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Summer Employment

Students wanting to work during the summer must be pre-registered at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduates; 5 credits for graduates) for the following fall semester. This does not include incoming freshmen and transfers who are not eligible to work until the first day of fall classes. Summer employment runs from May 16 through August 15.