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Campus Employment

There are various types of jobs available to students who choose to work on campus. Student employment on-campus offers part-time positions for students who are registered at least half-time in a UP degree program.

Students must apply for student employment positions at the University of Portland; they are not assigned to specific jobs. This gives each student the flexibility to find the type of position that best fits their interests, experience and class schedule each semester. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the job search and contact prospective employers. It is important to act quickly during the primary hiring period at the start of the fall semester. There is no guarantee that all students will get their first choice in the type of job or that they will get the number of hours that they need. Students who are having difficulty landing a job may contact the Office of Financial Aid or Career Center for assistance. 

The Career Center can help students on every step of their job search from resume and interview tools to finding jobs off campus. Visit the Career Center website to learn more about their available resources or to make an appointment.

Campus employment is a very competitive job market. There are more students looking for jobs than available positions.  With a surplus of students seeking student employment, supervisors are looking for the best candidates. For the best chance of landing a position, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Keep an eye on the Student Job Board
  • Apply early and apply often
  • Take the application process seriously just as you would for any outside job application
  • Visit the Career Center for help with your resume, cover letter, and interview skills