Pay Day | University of Portland

Pay Day

Students are paid on the 10th and 25th of each month, or the last business day prior to the 10th and 25th. Students can ensure they will be paid on time by submitting timesheets by due dates on the Payroll Processing Schedule. Incomplete hiring paperwork or timesheet errors can result in student paycheck delays.

Missed Payment Form

A student who missed entering hours on a timesheet after the payroll processing deadline needs to submit a Missed Payment Form for all unreported hours worked during that pay period. Once signed off by your supervisor, the completed form should be turned into the Payroll Office. Wages for these missed hours will be added to the next paycheck. 

Direct Deposit

All students are required to sign up for direct deposit through Self-Serve under the Personal Information Tab.

For detailed help in setting up direct deposit, visit Direct Deposit website and then select Setup Instructions.  A paystub will be emailed to each student after the direct deposit has been made by the Payroll Office.

A student can choose to opt out of direct deposit by submitting the Opt Out Form to the Controller's office. If a student does opt out, the paycheck will be mailed to the local address listed in the student's file.

Electronic W-2

All students are encourage to sign up for electronic delivery of their W-2. By signing up for electronic W-2 delivery, students will have access to their W-2 earlier in the month of January. 

To sign up for electronic W-2: 

  • Log in to Self-Serve
  • Select Employee, then Tax Forms, then Electronic W-2 Consent
  • Read the information and consent
  • Select Submit