Federal Work-Study | University of Portland

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a financial aid program. Each year, the federal government provides funding for employment programs in order to enable students with demonstrated financial need to work while they go to college. 

While other colleges and universities limit student employment to only those students with Federal Work-Study eligibility that is not the case at the University of Portland. A generous student payroll budget allows University of Portland students more work opportunities regardless of Work-Study eligibility. It also enables Work-Study students to continue working on campus even after they have earned their Work-Study award, or if their eligibility changes and the award is reduced or canceled. 

Federal Work-Study is offered to undergraduate students who apply for financial aid and meet the Office of Financial Aid Federal Work-Study awarding guidelines. Federal Work-Study students can work during the fall and spring semesters in most on-campus student employment jobs, off-campus for certain non-profit organizations, or with local schools as reading/math tutors. 

Students are awarded funds based on financial need but are not guaranteed to earn the full amount. Students are not placed in jobs and are not guaranteed they will find a job. It is the responsibility of the student to job search, apply, interview, and maintain employment. Students are paid through a student employment bi-monthly paycheck. It is up to the student to use their earnings for educational expenses. 

Community Service Work-Study

Students with Federal Work-Study awards have an additional opportunity to earn their awards while working off-campus for various non-profit (tax-exempt) organizations or a federal, state or municipal government agency. An employment contract must exist between the University and the off-campus employer. The position must involve work that benefits the community at large. These positions are only available between August 16 and May 15 (i.e. fall and spring semesters). Students working in CSWS jobs may work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session, and up to 29 hours per week when classes are not in session (breaks or periods between semesters).

Students interested in CSWS jobs should contact the Moreau Center for more information. Students should verify their FWS eligibility before applying with the Moreau Center. 

Reading and Math Tutors

Students with Federal Work-Study awards also have the opportunity to earn their awards off-campus as Reading and Math Tutors in local schools. These positions are only available between August 16 and May 15 (i.e. fall and spring semesters). Students working as reading or math tutors may work up to 20 hours per week.

Students interested in being a reading or math tutor should check the student job board for these tutor positions.