Student Employee Paperwork

Student employees must present valid ID in order to complete the I-9 (federal authorization to work form) and W-4 (federal tax withholdings). These forms must be completed before a student can begin working in a student employment position.

Federal I-9 Form

This form is required for proof of employment eligibility. This is a federal form issued by the government that must be completed whenever a person starts working for a new employer. Immigration laws require that all new employees complete a Form I-9 and present documentation verifying that they are a citizen of the United States or eligible non-citizen, and eligible to work in the United States. This is done only in the Office of Financial Aid as documents must be witnessed.

We cannot accept copies of the documents to complete the Form I-9. We must see the original, unexpired document(s).

Documents most commonly used as valid ID include:

  • Original, unexpired passport

  • Original, Social Security card and photo ID (state or University ID acceptable)

  • Original, birth certificate (certified copies acceptable) and photo ID (state or University ID acceptable)

For a complete list of valid documents please refer to the back of the I9.

Form W-4

All students must complete the Form W-4 the first time they are hired on campus. The Form W4 determines an employees federal and state taxes that are withheld from the student's paycheck. Employees do not need to do a new Form W-4 in future years unless they want to change their withholdings or claimed Exempt. 

Student Employment Agreement

Students will be required to complete the Student Employment Agreement for each position that they are offered on campus. Once a student is offered a position on campus, the Student Employment Agreement will be made available online through their Hire Touch Applicant Profile. Student's will receive an email letting them know once the Student Employment Agreement is available to sign.