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Student Supervisors

Our goal is to have the employment process run smoothly and efficiently for all supervisors and student employees.

Student employment supervisors are critical to the quality of work and learning that takes place on the job. Supervisors provide the training, guidance, and instruction that student employees need to be successful. Supervisors serve as role models for students by demonstrating good work habits and following through with employment responsibilities within a positive work environment.

Role of the Supervisor

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Job Duties

Identify and anticipate the department's needs related to student employment. Develop a strategy for finding and hiring the right student employees. Assign student employees jobs that are necessary to the department's operation. Help students to understand their roles through defined job descriptions and encourage them to become increasingly involved by accepting additional responsibility.

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Orientation and Training

Proper orientation to the job is essential and should be conducted for all new student employees. Develop a well-planned training program to ensure that student employees have the information and skills needed to do their jobs. Make sure that ongoing training is provided as office needs change. 

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Policies and Expectations

Establish internal policies and clearly communicate expectations to ensure that each student employee understands the rules. Make it clear to student employees that they are required to submit their timesheets on time every pay period. Talk with each student in person to explain any performance issues and discuss ways the student can improve. Make it clear to each student what the possible consequences are if there are no improvements, such as, changes to their job, decreased responsibility, lack of pay increases, reduction in hours, or even termination.

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Evaluate Performance

Evaluate student work performance using realistic expectations. Use the evaluation process to provide feedback and constructive advice to each student. Most performance issues can be prevented through clear communication of expectations and consistently applied performance standards. Find ways to recognize a student employees accomplishments and contributions.

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Professional Relationships

Encourage positive supervisor/employee relations with your student workers. This is intended to be an association of trust, respect, and a genuine interest in meeting mutual goals. Motivate the student to do the best job possible, inspiring both quality and quantity of work.