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For Parents, From Parents

The Office of Studies Abroad recognizes that parental support is an integral part of a students’ experience abroad. We want to make sure parents have the resources to support their children in the best way possible. Explore the following sections for some words of advice from parents of past study abroad students. 

Communicating with Your Student

Interestingly, [she] became much more communicative from Rome than she is Portland. It was apparent that she felt a need to remain in contact with us, and we enjoyed the interaction.”  – Chris Hulburt, Rome dad

When it comes to communication, it is important to find the right balance for your family. Click on the link below to read more about parents' tips and experiences communicating with their students, as well as input on scheduling, expectations, and navigating time differences. 

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Visiting Your Student

“Kids may say they want to be independent and can handle being away that long, but she was beyond thrilled that we were there.” – Christie LeBar, Salzburg mom

Visiting your student during their time abroad can be a great way to support them while letting them show you what they have accomplished and experienced in their host community. For tips on making the most of your visit, visit the link below. 

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Supporting Your Student before They Go Abroad

Check in.  Don’t micromanage. Let them solve their own problems while offering them your belief in their ability to do so. Let them earn their own spending money.” – Karen Kessi, Salzburg mom

It is important that the application and pre-departure process is driven by the student. Read more about how to help your student while letting them take charge by clicking the link below. 

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Supporting Your Student while They're Abroad

“Encourage your student to travel!  Encourage them to go for depth rather than breadth, if that makes any sense.  This won’t be the last time they will travel abroad!” – Karen Kessi, Salzburg Mom

 While you student is abroad will likely be a time of both incredible growth and challenges, and your role as a parent or family member can shape their experience significantly. Check out the following link for tips on how to help your student get the most out of their experience. 

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Supporting Your Student after They Return

After their time abroad, your student may experience a variety of emotions upon their return home. Reverse culture shock is a common experience for students, and family members can be a key part of helping a student re-adjust to life in the US. Advice from parents can be found at the link below.

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Words of Encouragement

While studying abroad can be a nerve-racking process, remember that your child will be better for it. Read more of what parents' had to say about their student's experience at the link before.

Words of Encouragement