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Non-UP Study Abroad

Planning a Study Abroad Experience Not Affiliated with UP

If you are planning a study abroad experience that is not affiliated with the University of Portland, it is still important and beneficial to talk to us about your plan.  Below are a few steps to take to make sure you make the most of your experience.

  1. Contact the Studies Abroad office located in Buckley Center 114. You can also call at 503.943.7857 or email
  2. Fill out the Non-UP Study Abroad Checklist provided by the Studies Abroad office.
  3. Meet with your Program Counselor to discuss how your experience abroad will apply to your specific program and obtain pre-approval for any applicable transfer credit.
  4. After the experience has concluded, have the institution send an official transcript to the Office of the Registrar. If the official transcript is in any other language than English, an English translation must be included. For questions about how to submit your transcript and translation, please contact the Office of the Registrar at